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ShekelCalc for iPhone
ShekelCalc for iPhone
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Hebrew Bible - כתבי הקודש
Hebrew Bible - כתבי הקודש for iPhone
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In the mobile world, iPhone cannot be ignored. The device that redefined design and touch-based interfaces is a popular and powerful mobile platform that available to many end users.
As a company that specializes in mobile and embedded devices, P.D.A.C. technologies adopted the iPhone and nowadays we are authorized by apple as an iPhone/iPod developer with a wide range of apps in our resume.

Along with our own applications that are available in the iTunes / APPs store, we've developed a variety of branded applications, financial tools and many other solutions that push that platform to it's limits discovering a world of abilities far away from the shown potential.

PDAC Logo Some samples of our off-the-shelf iPhone APPs:
ShekelCalc ShekelCalc ShekelCalc

ShekelCalc is a handy extended calculator. In addition to the basic math operations, ShekelCalc synchronizing itself with the Bank OF Israel and allows it's users to make one-click conversions based on the representative exchange rates.

ShekelCalc was built with ease and comfort in mind and recieved compliments by both proffesional and privet users.

ShekelCalc ShekelCalc Hebrew Bible - כתבי הקודש
"Hebrew Bible" includes:Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, Sidur (Nusach Sefard) and Tehilim.

With "Hebrew Bible" application you can search the texts and browse them by their indexes (Psukim).
"Hebrew Bible" you doesn't need internet connection since the whole text is already inside. And as any other application made by P.D.A.C. technologies - it's effectively optimized to take only 1.1MB of memory!