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Many great products miss marketing opportunities because the end user fails to use its full potential due to lingual gaps. That’s why many manufacturers choose to translate their device's interface.

High quality translation that includes linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market and done by experienced professionals can make the difference!

P.D.A.C. Technologies specializes in interface translations and localization, BiDi engines (right-to-left) for a variety of dedicated hardware:

and more…

PDAC Logo Software localization vs. document translation
While the traditional translation process based exclusively on translating complete and processed sentences, this is not the case with in the software development world. Often, texts and labels that you'll encounter in many applications cannot be found in one piece inside the program's source code or resources.
The reason for this is that many texts are dynamically built on-the-fly from variables and isolated single words.

Keeping in mind that any single word might appear in many variations as well as dedicated terminology and the mentioned above elements are the key for perfect UI translation.