Our products
PDAC Logo Application and solutions by P.D.A.C.

Applications made by P.D.A.C. technologies are in use by hundreds of companies, millions of end users and known for high quality, efficiency and reliability.

Here you'll find some of the most prominent among our products.

If you have any question regarding one or more of the products mentioned, Please feel free to contact us.

PDAC Logo Platforms and environments:

As a software house that specialized in more than one platform, we can relatively easy transform any of the products from one environment to another.

iPhone - Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPad and more
Google's android - Google's Android applications and low level solutions
Linux - Linux and it's by-products.
Windows - Mobile, CE and desktop solutions and integrations
Symbian and J2ME - Nokia and other Symbian based phones applications
Client server solutions - Client server applications