Seniority and experience

Our company has been active for 20 years in the field of mobile and Internet. During which we have executed hundreds of projects that are used by millions of users. We take care to preserve and nurture accumulated knowledge, while constantly updating the technological world, which is constantly developing.

Professionalism and reliability

We have a skilled and professional team to accompany you all along. All of the company's professionals are employed full-time from our office in Tel-Aviv. The team was chosen with great care and signed confidentiality agreements. We take care of our clients' property and make sure that the patents and ideas are in safe hands.

Values and dedication

We see our clients as a family and take care to harness all our abilities for their success. The success of our customers is our success. Every product that comes out of our hands as a child goes out into the world. As parents we are always in the neighborhood to provide help and guidance at every stage.


From idea to product in one place

,PDAC Technologies Holds under one roof all the professionals required from the stage of characterization and formulation of the idea
,Through all types of development work and up to testing and supporting the product and its customers
Our quality staff will take care of you throughout the project to ensure maximum efficiency and success.
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Here are some reasons why you should choose just us

We offer a variety of services in one place from the characterization stage to development

Quality Control Execution

Every product prior to its entry into the market undergoes quality control in our company in order to ensure that the marketed product meets the highest standards.


Family atmosphere and young environment

We believe in the quality of our people, our personal attitude and young employees alongside adults who combine innovation and experience together.


Max compatibility for Audience Targeting

We are investing time to understand the target audience who target for product and matching the product in optimize shape for the audience.


Generate and Refine Ideas

We will help to perform market research in the realm of the selected concept to a finished product.


Professional Analysis Writing Services

we satisfactoring writing for characterizations to be executed in Professional and detailed shape as Architectural program before construction and developing Subject to the terms of the company.


Solutions to large and small companies alike.

We offer solutions for private customers and small and large business alike.


Approval and Authority

We possess certificates of income tax in the financial applications, we also partners of HP and Motorola-worldwide, partners of Microsoft in field of mobile and home providers of HTC In the Middle East.


Effective timetable implementation

we investors the Most of efforts for standing in The defined schedules with client in the start of the project.


Technical support

We offer after the product launch Technical support, matching and changes if required.

to be goods

We at P.D.A.C are doing our utmost to provide our customers with the best and most suitable solution for their needs in the ever-evolving technological world.

We have a very important path and experience that our customers undergo in the process of working with us and not just the end result. We believe in satisfied and satisfied customers who choose to return and work with us and recommend us to others.




Lines of code were written


Coffee cups were poured


Sketches and designs


Analysis meetings

iOS & Android complex Mobile App Development and Design

Location-based applications, virtual stores ,fleet management applications that connect to a companion device (BRING YOUR ON DEVICE) and more

Smart home systems, Devices and Products

Complex developments for smart home systems, Devices and Products that allow control over the application in domestic power grid.

Automotive infotainment system development

The linked developments and applications to the leading importers in Israel (Toyota Mercedes Chevrolet and more).

Custom software development services for financial institutions

Payment solutions and credit reports including certificates and authorization from the relevant authorities.

Want to be part of a professional team, crystallized and smiling?

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Web development

We supporting in building Websites that meet the accessibility standard (5568 AA level standard) and Constructing as a responsive system (css + html).

Development of management interfaces

We supporting the development of the management interfaces that allow to centralize the information obtained from the site/Application to analyze and decipher it for Marketing and management needs differ.

Hardware and firmware hardening

want that employees' device Be used solely for work And will can be run on it just the Job software, For example Terminal or menu. With us you will find an option for hardening the device so that this desire imamah

our values - How to balance

Over the years we have learned that don't have domain that is black and white, and the trick is to balance the requirements, The availability and timing.
Also we see that the elements are those elements and the trick is to find the right mix for the required product

So what are we doing?

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