Who we are

PDAC. Technologies is synonymous with mobile software development services. Our specialization includes mobile, Internet, server side and digital innovation in a variety of other worlds. The company is family oriented, all blue and white and working from the company's offices in Tel Aviv district.

The company was established in 1998 and was a pioneer in the development of PDAs and cellular phones. Among the first environments we developed were Windows Ce, Windows Mobile, PALM, Symbian and more. Complex designs, local and multinational, for a variety of instruments.

"One Stop Shop" - this is the second name of PDC Technologies for providing development solutions to a variety of platforms under one roof.
In addition to the development level, we are holding professionals in the following fields: Professional technical characteristics and writers, expert graphic artists, project managers, architects, technical support center for end customers.

Some of our digital development activities include: developing and building new applications, building websites (including specialization in mobile sites and responsive sites), server development, low level development and customization, integration solutions, planning consulting and MVP QA. .

Through our focus and emphasis on professionalism, service and the use of advanced technologies, our firm provides ongoing customer recruitment and work on dynamic software development projects, some of which are based on repeat customers.

Technology solutions that have successfully passed a wide range of quality, standardization and load tests in combination with standards and the authority we received from partnerships in Israel and abroad have given us the opportunity to provide a wide range of reliable, more efficient, quality solutions.

Among the companies that are already receiving software solutions and implementation:

  • Firmware and hardware manufacturers.
  • Companies from the automotive world.
  • Telecom and finance.
  • Security in Israel and abroad.
  • Institutional and medical, paramedical.
  • Startups and custom solutions.

Company Facts:

  • Our solutions have been integrated into the hardware and / or firmware of a variety of manufacturers in the world, such as: Motorola, HP, Asus, HTC, Sonim, Avaya, MPOS, XM, and more ...
  • Our solutions are used by hundreds of companies from Israel and the world and millions of end users. This empowered us and earned us a variety of signals and certifications.
  • Our solutions were marketed by companies in Israel, and passed all the tests and requirements of the hardware manufacturers for implementation.
  • Develop financial applications and make them accessible from anywhere on mobile phone. POS applications, management of sales positions and infrastructure.
  • GPS and GIS, we have been involved in application development including integration and integration of navigation and positioning.
  • Dedicated development for telecom localization and customization, including branding, design and construction of interfaces, and adapting them to the requirements of importers.
  • Translation, adding BiDi engine and languages ​​to a variety of hardware types.
  • Some of the software development solutions in the company's products are designed for Infotainment systems (Infotimnet) installed in vehicles marketed in Israel.

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