An application that makes it easier for the owner of the vehicle to maintain his vehicle, and enables the receipt of varied and up-to-date information on the vehicle, and assistance in the event of an accident

Android and Iphone

An app that gives access to useful information, A variety of tools and operations for the maintenance and management of the consumer draft. Creating a personal experience, safety and reliability of the vehicle by connecting the consumer to the vehicle.

  • Opened for IPHONE, ANDROID, and Server
  • Useful information about vehicle specifications including tire pressure, fuel type, etc.
  • Access for a full consumer car book
  • Order an authorized garage address throughout the country
  • Check for guidance and guidance during an accident
  • Save valuable time and resources from the consumer
  • , contacting and navigating to service centers and showrooms
  • Explanation and instructions including instructional videos in the event of indicator light failures
  • Call center speed